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Special Notice

Violations – If you see a violation, please call or email the onsite office as we all want our community to be the Best it Can!

Welcome to Destiny Springs Condominium Community Site

Let this site be your virtual gateway to YOUR local community and the internet (your own cyberhood). We encourage you to use this web site for the valuable and timely information it can offer about your neighborhood. Some of these tools include a resident database, bulletin board postings, and the ability to submit classified ads. Do you want to get rid of some things in the garage but are too busy to have a garage sale, list your items in the free Classifieds in the Topics section. You can come back often. For easy access, add your community's cyberhood to your list of favorites or make it your homepage!

See Suspicious Activity in Your Community…
Posted on Friday, November 10 @ 17:49:38 EST (4 reads)
Announcements Wondering what you need to do if you see suspicious activity? For immediately action, please call Altamonte Springs Police non-emergency number at 407-339-2441 and report the activity. They have been given the authorization to take the legal action required if they receive a call. They will respond to our community’s needs as they too want our community to be safe!

Feel free to contact the onsite office by calling or emailing us that you have report an incident and the Association will be glad to follow up on the situation. Again, be sure to participate in helping to keep our community an enjoyable place to live.
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Posted on Friday, September 08 @ 14:13:35 EDT (13 reads)
Announcements Reminder!

Please make sure that all items are taken in and stored during he storm. All Patios and Balconies should be clear of all items to avoid any damage to your home and community. Please put exterior boarding on the interior of your windows and doors as we do not allow any exterior boarding on the buildings.

Thank you and Stay Safe!
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Office Update
Posted on Friday, September 08 @ 10:11:50 EDT (11 reads)

Dear Residents,

The Offices of Destiny Springs Condominium are closing Friday, September 8, 2017 at 3:00PM for Hurricane Irma. We will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

Power and cell phone outages during and after the storm may make the management company temporarily unavailable to you via phone or email. Regardless, the staff will be on-site at your community as soon as safety allows to immediately commencing cleanup to allow ingress and egress throughout the community as our initial priority after the passage of the worst of the storm.

Thank you and be safe!
Tammy Snyder, LCAM
All About Management
Agent for Destiny Springs Condominium
928  Lake Destiny Road
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714
Office: (407) 788-2107

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Storm Tracker
Posted on Thursday, September 07 @ 07:55:50 EDT (8 reads)
Announcements Please use this link to track the storm as it approaches:
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Hurricane Prep
Posted on Tuesday, September 05 @ 11:00:01 EDT (11 reads)
Announcements As your Board of Director for your Association and All About Management staff, we have provided a Hurricane Prep List in order to assist you with your safety for you and your family. In addition, we have included the emergency information form that we highly recommend you updating your community records by returning it by email, should there be a need to contact you for emergency purposes regarding your unit.

Please take time to prepare yourself for the hurricane and its aftermath as we plan to be prepared to work as a team during this time. Stay safe, Destiny Springs Board of Directors and All About Management

Click here for the checklist and form.
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