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Violations – If you see a violation, please call or email the onsite office as we all want our community to be the Best it Can!

Welcome to Destiny Springs Condominium Community Site

Let this site be your virtual gateway to YOUR local community and the internet (your own cyberhood). We encourage you to use this web site for the valuable and timely information it can offer about your neighborhood. Some of these tools include a resident database, bulletin board postings, and the ability to submit classified ads. Do you want to get rid of some things in the garage but are too busy to have a garage sale, list your items in the free Classifieds in the Topics section. You can come back often. For easy access, add your community's cyberhood to your list of favorites or make it your homepage!

Hurricane Matthew Update
Posted on Tuesday, October 11 @ 12:20:48 EDT (1710 reads)
Announcements We hope you and your family survived Hurricane Matthew.

Destiny Springs survived with no damage to any of the buildings or roofs. We had one tree fall and there was a lot of debris on the grounds. Fortunately, so far we have had no reports of anyone or their personal property was hurt. If you had anything that should be reported, please call the onsite office.

Maintenance came to work on Saturday and they were able to clear the debris from the parking lot and building areas. The cleanup continues and it will take just a little time to get us back in the shape. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated during this time.
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Posted on Wednesday, September 28 @ 13:35:03 EDT (16 reads)


Ah, October! That month when it's actually possible to imagine cooler weather on its way and a chance to eat scrumptious treats that only appear during a month that celebrates ghosts, goblins and Ninja Turtles. Let's be safe and keep your eyes open for those the little ghost and goblins!!!

As a community association professional, it's likely you spend a pretty fair amount of time in your vehicle traveling between properties, which may mean you also spend a fair amount of time on your cell phone. For professionals who are frequently away from an office, cars often become the office and let's face it, it's the office where we make and return phone calls. Since talking on your cell phone while driving is legal in Florida, The Florida Highway Patrol offers tips for driving safely when using a cell.

The Florida Highway Patrol encourages drivers to avoid receiving a traffic citation by following a few safety tips. Drivers in Florida may receive a citation for being a distracted driver, so if you're a driver who has a hard time staying focused on the roadway and circumstances around you, then perhaps you shouldn't make that call while in motion. Wait and pull off of the road and to a safe location before hitting the “send” button on your phone.
Key to your safety is utilizing techniques that don't require you to look away from the road, such as voice activated commands to your phone or to your vehicle via blue tooth technology. An accident can occur in a moment, so looking away from the road to physically answer your phone or lookup or dial a number could be detrimental to you and others. The main point and tip that the highway patrol offers - Don't use your cell phone while driving unless you absolutely can't avoid the call. Let voicemail answer for you and return the call when doing so won't distract you from driving. Most calls can wait a few minutes.

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